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PLEASE NOTE: From April 1st 2013, we are only able to service areas larger than 100 square meters - we are no longer able to offer separate stain removal, uphostery, rug nor air-conditioner services


Tokyo’s Steam Cleaning Professionals

Would you like your commercial premises to have a beautiful clean appearance all the time?


The Carpet Butlers can clean offices of all sizes, hotels, pubs, clubs and restaurants. Your company can opt for a one off clean or join our planned maintenance program. On the Maintenance program we will survey your premises needs, identifying light, moderate and heavy traffic areas. We’ll then submit to your company a tailor made maintenance plan to keep your premises clean and healthy all year round.

The maintenance plan will extend the wear of your expensive carpets and upholstery giving your company the best possible return on investment. Carpets and upholstery will look great all year and help to promote your companies valuable image.

Clean carpet office interior     Clean carpet and upholstery hotel

Why choose The Carpet Butlers’ Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service?

As is well known, customers are what keep small business afloat, keeping customers is what makes small businesses prosper. Great customer service, superior products and results are how we intend to ensure our continuing success.

The Carpet Butlers would love to offer a free demonstration of our services as a show of good faith. Any 5 square meters can be cleaned free of charge with no obligation. At no time will we try any “high pressure sales” tactics. We only want you to be able to see the benefits of our system first hand.

Benefits to our clients when they choose our company!

Fast Drying: Our low moisture system dries faster. This allows you normal use of your floors with minimal if any disruption. We promise to keep your office looking clean. The carpet will never again appear soiled.

Stays Clean Longer: Our Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solutions leave no sticky residues and actually protect the fibres. This maintains the appearance of your facility by preventing rapid re-soiling. This protection keeps the appearance of your facility at the highest level for a longer period of time.

Cost Effective: Our system allows us to not only produce great results. It allows for greater productivity, which helps keep your costs down.

Maintenance Plan: Let The Carpet Butlers put your cleaning on auto pilot. We can eliminate the clean, dirty, clean, dirty cycle a lot of businesses experience. The Carpet Butlers will tailor a proactive cleaning schedule for your facility. This helps keep your place of business attractive and inviting for your customers and employees. Regular cleanings will improve your company's clean, professional image and extend the life of your floor coverings.

Convenient Scheduling: We even offer weekend and evening appointments. No extra charge, no hassle. We understands you are busy people and will respect your schedule. We'll even be on time!